Bolzano Template Format

BTF is a template format which differs from all the others (as far as I know – this could very well be wrong) by allowing each separate file to tell you its own delimiters. This allows a BTF file to be used in any context, and even to change its own delimiters over time. This is important because […].

BTF’s delimiters can consist of absolutely any strings of UTF-8 characters.

Syntax of a BTF template file

The first byte is an arbitrary temporary delimiter, e.g. #

Everything before the second occurrence of that temporary delimiter is a comment.

The temporary delimiter is then used in the definitions of the following delimiters which will be used in the body of the file. Each of these can be an arbitrary number of bytes but, of course, may not contain the temporary delimiter or each other.

  • opening delimiter, e.g. «

  • definition sign, e.g. :

  • closing delimiter, e.g. »

  • comment-opening delimiter, e.g. {{

  • comment-closing delimiter, e.g. }}


#bolzano template format#«#:#»# file starts

The beauty of this is that the delimiters are decided at the very last moment. It’s Late Binding for templates.