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Readings by heading. And comments on them if I’ve written any.

On why significance testing (and other broadly frequentist techniques) might be inconsistent with LP

Berger and Wolpert, The Likelihood Principle. Ch. 1, parts of Ch. 2, Ch. 4.4 Notes On Berger And Wolpert, ch. 4.4.2

Grossman, Statistical Inference. Ch. 1, ch. 4, some of ch. 7. Notes On Chapter 7, “Are p-values informative about H?”

Berger and Sellke, “Testing a point null hypothesis”. Intro and conclusion. Casella and Berger, “Reconciling Bayesian and frequentist evidence in the one-sided testing problem.” Intro and conclusion. Notes On Berger And Sellke, Casella And Berger

Some articles I’ve skimmed about superpopulations in finite population sampling

Smith 1976, “The foundations of survey sampling: a review.”

Royall 1976, “Likelihood functions in finite population sampling theory.”

Preliminary Thoughts On Superpopulation Modeling

Miscellaneous articles for/against significance testing

Greco 2011, “Significance testing in theory and practice.”

McCloskey and Ziliak 2009, “The cult of statistical significance.”

Cohen 1994, “The Earth is Round (p<0.5).”

Longer write-ups

Explaining The Problem


Other Stuff

Populations Considered As Samples From Meta-populations

Causal Relationships

Potential Side-topics