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Alison's muesli
dal goes well with couscous and fried vegetables
chipotle garlic risotto
Alison's vegan yogurt (a.k.a. yoghurt or yoghourt, for the search engines)
tapas potatos
Justine's Eggplant and Tahini Bake
mushroom burgers
pancake batter
mujadhra (rice, lentils and onions)
vegan chocolate mousse
black bean soup
vegan char kway teow
vegan fish sauce
couscous with baked onions and stuff
okra fry
green mango dal
Deepthis dal
untitled vegetables
pasta e ceci
spicy parsnip soup
tofu scramble
fried veggies with cinnamon
hot gazpacho
sauteed spinach salad
ratios for cooking grains etc.
fruit salad
vegan mayonnaise
sybils vegan cheese sauce
french toast
ratio for Leahey cheese sauce
ratio for The Vegg
Annie's cheese sauce
Alison potato salad
mushrooms on toast
baked sweet potatoes with garam masala chickpeas

old recipes, deserts etc. - I don't vouch for these

peanut butter
vegan ris a l'almond (keyword rice!)
vegan cheesecake
smoky refried bean soup
vegan cashew banana ice cream
pineapple banana mini pies
apple and cinnamon crumble pizza
sage and onion stuffing
vegan whipped cream with passionfruit and brandy snaps

Jason Grossman