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(This is a bit out of date. Recently, I've been more interested in philosophy of physics, methodological pluralism, and non-naturalist principles of normativity.)

My research is in two main areas:

  • philosophy of statistical inference, with some sidelines in philosophy of probability and other parts of mathematics;
  • applications of philosophy of science to research policy, especially as it affects Evidence-Based Medicine.

See main interests chatty version for a 5-minute talk on my interests in foundations of statistics.

When teaching, I specialise in philosophy of science. But more specifically, I've taught:

  • cosmology
  • ethics
  • decision theory
  • philosophy of mind
  • logic
  • general philosophy of science, especially realism
  • history of analytic philosophy
  • history of science (mainly physics and genetics)
  • philosophy of probability and statistics
  • philosophy of medicine
  • philosophy and sociology of biology
  • philosophy and sociology of information technology
  • exobiology and (as one-offs) a few other areas. For more detail, see philosophy courses. Jason