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blue>>> Who I am and what this is all about

and other random bits.*
Tom Swann who am i

In short: I'm a philosophy Honours student at the ANU, working through my honours year. The topic for my thesis is this:

the place of epistemic normativity in a naturalistic world-picture.

Tom Swann so whats this all about then


Tom Swann Old News

blue>>> Notes

Tom Swann attempts to form a question
Tom Swann Thesis topics Map

Here I'll put links to topic pages.

Tom Swann the connection between Quines web of belief and his naturalised epistemology

Here I'll put links to notes about articles and books.

Tom Swann Brandom Articulating Reasons Ch 3
Tom Swann Brandom Modality Intentionality and Normativity

Tom Swann Rosen on Brandom Who Makes The Rules Around Here
Tom Swann Rosen on Brandom

Tom Swann Hylton on Quine

Tom Swann Putnam Why Reason Cant be Naturalized

Tom Swann Colyvan Naturalizing Normativity

Tom Swann Sacks Naturalism and the Transcendental Turn

Tom Swann Sosa Nature Unmirrored Epistemology Naturlized

Tom Swann Mc Dowell Mind and World

Tom Swann Rorty against Mc Dowells Empiricism

Tom Swann Price Naturalism and the Fate of the M Worlds

Tom Swann Redding Directions for analytic Kantianism naturalism or idealism

Tom Swann Quine Two Dogmas
Tom Swann Quine Epistemology Naturalised

Tom Swann Rosenberg on Quine and Sellars

Here I'll dump stuff I'm yet to organise.

Tom Swann scrap paper
Tom Swann notes from meetings with Jason
Tom Swann structuring tasks

blue>>> Semester 1 essay

The other 20% of the year is designated for a smaller essay. My essay will be based on Richard Joyce's The Evolution of Morality

blue>>> essay ideas

Tom Swann Joyce essay planning

blue>>> notes

Tom Swann Mackie Ethics

Tom Swann Joyce morality schmorality
Tom Swann Joyce A Skeptick's tale
Tom Swann Joyce Is projectivism empirically tractable?
Tom Swann Joyce Anti - realism

Tom Swann Hussain The Return of Moral Fictionalism

Tom Swann Street Darwinian Dilemma
Tom Swann Copp reply to Street
Tom Swann Street reply to Copp