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cross-references in Plain TeX need eplain (which is compatible)

Page number cross-refs: define with \xrdef{label} and refer with \xref{label}, which includes "p. ", or \xrefn{label} or \refn{label} (synonyms) which omit the "p. ".
More general cross-references: see http://tug.org/docs/html/eplain/Cross_002dreferences.html#Cross_002dreferences

Fred Blogs Jr in BibTex

From http://nwalsh.com/tex/texhelp/bibtx-23.html:
"Juniors" pose a special problem. Most people having "Jr." in their name precede it with a comma. Such a name should be entered as follows:
"Ford, Jr., Henry"
However, a few people do not use a comma. They are handled by considering the "Jr." to be part of the last Last token:
"Steele Jr., Guy L." "Guy L. Steele Jr."
This name has no Jr part.
"Ragged-right setting is initiated by restricting the spaces between words to have a fixed width, and by putting variable space at the right of each line. You should not call \raggedright until your text font has already been specified; it is assumed that the ragged-right material will not be in a variety of different sizes. (If this assumption is not valid, a different approach should be used: \fontdimen parameters 3 and 4 of the fonts you will be using should be set to zero, by saying,
e.g., `\fontdimen3\tenrm=0pt'. These parameters specify the stretchability and shrinkability of interword spaces.)" — from the TeXbook