Sex And Death - Tutorial Signup
To sign up for a tutorial, email me for the password for this site (, and then put your name under one of the times below to dibs a place.
Only up to 18 people can sign up for each tutorial. It may be possible to swap between tutorials later, depending on availability of places.

Monday 11—12

Melanie Allan
Ros Attenborough
Tracey Bouffler
Martina Donkers
Beatrix Forrest
Alex Paczynski
Bojian Xiao (u 4354039)
Esther Mathe
Jenna Crowe-Riddell
Aliza Levy
Kerry Hyde
Sarah Greet
Stefan Wythes

Monday 1—2

Simon Jones
Isaac Liehne
Jennifer Chorley
Shaheera Selamat
Tarun Kalms u 4211746
Joshua Davis
Damien Lawler
Tom Murphy

Friday 3—4

Sean Rankin
Mischa Andrews
Daniel Rose
Michael Bradley
Julie Avis
Jenna Christensen
Jennifer Gough
Clare Hedditch
Simon Busteed
Carl Tidemann
Puvanesvari Rajan
Simone Gubler
Fergus Gratton
Anna Thwaites
Keith Marshall
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