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This is all negotiable, but here's what I've been thinking for readings:

  1. Kirkham's "Theories of Truth" is a good introduction to how philosophers talk about truth:

    (P.S. I've just gone back to this and noticed it's longer than I'd remembered, so you might not necessarily want to read the whole thing, depending on exactly what your topic ends up being.)

  2. "Facts and the Function of Truth" by Huw Price, which is idiosyncratic and difficult but which
    you might find more interesting. However, the library has it marked
    "not for loan". And also there's a second edition coming out soon.
    I'll ask Huw whether we can get an electronic copy.

  3. You'd better fortify yourself with a copy of the
    Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy. (You don't have to read the whole
    thing though!) I think you can get it online through
    the ANU library website, or you can buy it cheaply - any edition is

  4. Also don't forget about the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    (online). It has lots on truth, but I haven't read any of it so I can't
    vouch for it. If you like reading things online, though, it might make
    an alternative to Kirkham.