Pharo Keyboard Shortcuts
Adapted from

(c) copy – (x) cut – (v) paste (d) do it – (p) print it – (i) inspect it – (I) explore it (s) accept – (L) cancel
(b) browse it
(n) senders of it - (m) implementors of it –
(E) method strings with it…
(z) undo – (j) do again (replace) (G) file it in – (o) spawn

Mercury find box syntax

Foo “browse class”
foo “implementors…”
\#Foo “refs to class”
\#foo “senders…”
Foo* “find a class (substring match)”
foo* “find a method (substring match)”
‘foo’ “find a string literal” —- finds strings in comments too, which is great ... only it doesn't seem to be working with comments ATM (Pharo 1.3)