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What will make our school different from other schools?

  • Actually having the values that lots of other school claim to have, e.g. not hurting people (including animals).
  • Promoting these values in students from the onset. Helping them understand ethics and be proactive in contemplating them and how they fit into today's society.

What will be the goals/code of the school?

Academic — general

  • Helping kids to be good people in an imperfect world
  • Promoting the real belief that we can change bad things
  • Scholarship and independent thought
  • Foundation education more important than specific career training
  • Discussion orientated learning


  • Science: Aim to teach an appreciation for and wonder of the world.
  • History: Promote opinion and analysis etc
  • Maths
  • English
  • Life skills: wood-shop, textiles, gardening ??
  • Ethics and philosophy
  • Religion Studies: Promote analysis. Such as how they may have begun, their core values, how they influence the world.
  • Health:
    • Mental health
    • Body health
    • Spiritual health
    • How they work together (holistic approach)
    • Sexual education

School rules and Social culture

  • Need to establish enough ground rules that the school culture doesn't go totally crazy, and so that the kids can pass a curriculum, but still encourage the kids to set their own agendas. This is the main place where I think we can learn from Montessori schools and other people who've started alternative schools already.

  • A culture that encourages growth, health, community, egalitarianism, productivity (motivation), etc

  • On-Campus living maybe for Years 11 and 12

Some values

  • Playful and educated iconoclasm
  • Veganism
  • Socialism
  • Feminism and anti-racism (duh)
  • Anti-pomposity, but also a healthy self confidence
  • Anti-bullying and opposed to other abuses of power (corruption etc.)
  • Anti-militarism
  • Healthy mind, body, spirit
  • Self-sustainability
  • Cultural acceptance and exploration
  • Give twice what you take
  • Love your neighbour as yourself ... and love yourself as your neighbour
  • Respect for the earth
  • Promote self motivation
  • Spiritual stuff: - meditation - ti chi ( linking physical to non physical - movement and energy) - philosophies on the soul - connection with nature?

School Grounds

  • Large piece of land with a water source/s (river for hydro-power 'at least') (Going to need water for crops too)
  • Crop land (will need to work out how much we need to feed school and if its worth it compared to buying produce. We will also need workers depending on crop size so we could keep it as a school project - students make their own food?)
  • Fertile land
  • Land needs to be stable for building
  • Enough land for solar farm

Other (cause its fun to be specific)

*Study Aid (support for students)
- video tape lessons and upload to school network for students to watch to help with study
- study groups
- library! We get to choose the books!

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