Mac Scrapbook

fine-grained volume control

(doesn't work in Lion?)

making Camino do colour management
defaults write com apple Launch Services LSQuarantine -bool NO

keyboard bindings


make applications auto-hide when using the Dock:

defaults write com apple dock single-app -bool TRUE
… is buggy!

install OS from a disk image

Have TWO blank partitions ready. One will be for the installer and the other will be where you install Leopard. [Double this if you intend to also load up Server.]

Once the above is complete you now have a bootable OSX Leopard Install partition.

wake from sleep issue:

Also already mentioned is if you awaken your computer and you get a black screen, tap the powerbutton once (which brings up Shutdown dialog box, though you can't see it) and then press the "S" key, which will sleep the compuer and try reawakening. This frequently solves the problem.

to add a Quit menu item to the Finder:

defaults write com apple finder Quit Menu Item -bool yes

to disable Spotlight:

By: jjccgg on Fri, May 13 '05 at 12:10PM PDT
As the previous poster said, first modify /etc/hostconfig to read:
Then to get rid of the existing index, run these two commands from Terminal:
mdutil -i off /
mdutil -E /
The first command disables indexing on the boot volume, and the second erases the existing template. You can then use Activity Monitor to kill any mds or mdimport processes or else just reboot. Futzing with permissions will probably break OS updates that try to update files in the zeroed-out directories and of course won't survive a repair-permissions run.
If you later change your mind and decide you want Spotlight after all, it's easy to reactivate. Set
in /etc/hostconfig, run in Terminal:
mdutil -i on /
and reboot.


to compact a sparse disk image:

hdiutil compact imagename
scans the bands of a SPARSE type disk image with an HFS
filesystem in it, removing those parts of the image which are
no longer being used by the filesystem. Depending on the
organization of files in the filesystem, compact may or may
not shrink the image file.
Common options: -encryption, -stdinpass, -srcimagekey, -shadow
with friends, -puppetstrings, and -plist.

restore bounce to Mail

1. Open Automator.
2. Create a new service.
3. Configure the service so that it has “no input” in “Mail”
4. Drag “Get Selected Mail Messages” into the workflow
5. Drag “Run Applescript” into the workflow
6. Use the following AppleScript, then save the workflow with a name like “Bounce Message”.
on run {input, parameters} tell application "Mail" repeat with eachMessage in input bounce eachMessage delete eachMessage # added as a suggestion to be more like the Apple functionality end repeat end tell end run 7. In Mail, select the message you would like to bounce. Then from the “Mail” menu, choose “Services”, then click on your new service. The message will bounce.