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What is it?

A book detailing the context and details of inference to the best explanation. Obviously arguments for and against the position are also discussed.

Where can it be found?

Lipton, P. (2004), Inference to the Best Explanation, 2nd Ed., Routledge.

Where does it fit in?

The indispensability argument is intimately related to IBE (although the exact relationship will require a little/argument). Hence this book will provide some insight into a fundamental component of the argument. My hope is to able to demonstrate that the mathematical context is sufficiently different from the general scientific as to make IBE unsatisfactory and/or that even assuming the applicability of IBE in this context, one cannot get an IBE argument going.



Analysis and summaries will now appear under the individual chapter headings.

Lipton I B E Ch 1 Induction

Lipton I B E Ch 2 Explanation

Lipton I B E Ch 3 The Causal Model

Lipton I B E Ch 4 I B E

Lipton I B E Ch 5 Contrastive Inference

Lipton I B E Ch 6 The Raven Paradox

Lipton I B E Ch 7 Bayesian Abduction

Lipton I B E Ch 8 Explanation As A Guide To Inference

Lipton I B E Ch 9 Loveliness And Truth


Chris Wilcox