Jo Davies

General Information:

Preliminary Thoughts:

Project Statement:

How can one differentiate between a 'good' and 'bad' explanation of consciousness? Discuss some of the major philosophical models of scientific explanation and their relevance to the 'hard problem' of consciousness, i.e. the problem of explaining subjective experience.

Scientific Explanation and Consciousness:

Thoughts on the Problem of Induction

Deductive-Nomological Explanation

Causal-Mechanical Model of Scientific Explanation

Observation and Evidence in Science

Is it possible for science to explain consciousness?

Prediction in scientific explanations of consciousness

Consciousness - Some 'Explanatory' Models/ Ideas:

Note: Probably won't look at all of these!

Physicalist vs. anti-physicalist theories of consciousness
Higher-order Representationalism
Integrated Information Theory

Resources that might be useful:

Theories of Consciousness, Uriah Kriegel - good overview of some of the more prominent theories of consciousness, arguments for and against.

The Problem of Consciousness, John R. Searle - section 3 lists some of the features that an empirical theory of consciousness should try to explain.

Comparing the Major Theories of Consciousness, Ned Block - compares the three frameworks for theories of consciousness that are taken most seriously by neuroscientists. Higher Order, Global Workspace and Biological Theory approaches are discussed.

Other interesting things:

Interview with David Chalmers

Science weekly podcast: Can science ever explain consciousness?