Git Scrapbook
When the install of msysgit is completed it is time to start configuring your git install for usage with github. The first step you need to take is to tell git your username and email address. You will also need your API token that you can find on your account page.
[~]$ git config —global user name "Ivan Porto Carrero"
[~]$ git config —global user email
[~]$ git config —global github user casualjim
[~]$ git config —global github token [[API TOKEN]]
QUOTE mildly adapted:
1. I forked the main project
2. Then I cloned (copied locally) my forked repository:
git clone…/nu.git
3. This created the repository in folder named nu, so, for the following commands to work, I moved to that folder:
cd nu
4. then an important step: I bound my repository to the original one, so that I could keep it in sync with the changes Nate does to the main repository:
git remote add upstream git://…/nu.git
Notice that here I used the clone url of the original repository (not mine)
5. To get changes that were made to the original repository I'd do:
git pull upstream master
6. Since the last command copied it to my local repository, I've then to push it back to my online one:
git push