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  • prioritise light

  • embrace Modernism

  • acknowledge that the kitchen will never be great

  • rely on Wollongong for storage

  • Valerie says: picture, rugs, sofa, and don't use the fluorescents


Jason, Alison, Missy, Zoe, Jess, Sophie - You know you've got a full-time job when you're too busy to put the umlaut on Zoe's name.

before the guinea pigs can move, need to

  • plan hay acquisition - done

  • plan hay storage - sort of done

  • plan enclosure installation - Rob (who is awesome) is standing by; I just need to give him a time

  • plan a big vehicle to move the enclosure and related stuffs - see below

  • buy a bigger washing machine - actually maybe not urgent

  • test the air conditioner's power and reach - Jason to do next time it's hot enough

  • A clean the enclosure not tooooo many days before moving - will do

planning enclosure installation: A will need to bring (check if it all fits in Wolfie)

  • 3 long pieces of timber, two short timbers and small wooden jambs - longest timber is 2700
  • rolled or folded floor vinyl *12 fleeces/terry towelling sheets (all)
  • 2 long tartans
  • 2-4 short tartans
  • GP welcome mats (bath mats)
  • the silver thing for the sofa
  • strong bag for collecting soiled hay etc - ideally yes please, but can cope by using normal black bin liners if necessary
  • new sofa management sheets - if we can get these, can cut back on tartans and silver thing
  • 5 in-enclosure boxes (hideys)
  • 2 sofa boxes
  • fleece forest
  • pellet box
  • scales
  • 4? days' worth of hay
  • in-room hay box? - ideally
  • special permanent tape
  • much masking tape, from the right-hand stack in the cupboard
  • nail scissors
  • Sophie's meds in a coolpack, -- PLUS syringes
  • treats for the trip in a coolpack - can be small IMO because they'll mostly eat hay on the way
  • oh, the guinea pigs in their carrier - LLOL
  • suitcase for Alison
  • Alison's meds
  • Timmy Treats
  • Alison's computer bag
  • ?sewing machine, power cord, and thread, just in case - although we can easily fold blankies so I think very not urgent
  • thermometer

flat prettying priorities - actual priorities to be finalised

Draft flat prettying priorities – Priorities to be finalised.

  1. Coverings for sofas for gp wee/poo
  2. Floors – either carpet or wood floating floor or rugs; I am currently leaning towards carpet because it's what you want for acoustics and you will be living there probably more than me. If carpet we'll need a good plan for keeping gp poo and hay/other particulates out of it.
  3. Sofa(s) or sofa and easy chairs – select colour/type – this affect suitable flooring
  4. Living room plan (where speakers go, tv, paintings etc even if not in place yet).
  5. Speakers/sound system set up
  6. Washing line space
  7. Replace washing machine
  8. Hay outside storage – could be existing metal box with a tarpaulin for a couple of weeks; if ANU staff can't build then perhaps Cat's Pete could.
  9. Garden plan
  10. Screen for haybin and GP bedding/washing
  11. TV monitor
  12. Paintings
  13. Dining table
  14. Interior decorator?
  15. Desk set up
  16. Our bed relocation?
  17. Remove bbq
  18. Strip outdoor table
  19. Kitchen laminate?