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Page Templates

This isn't working yet, but eventually you'll be able to edit the page template for your wiki using a URL like
http://localhost:8080/PageTemplate?action=edit&password=blithnock. Replace "localhost" with your server's address if necessary, and replace "blithnock" with the template password you set in when you followed the installation instructions above (if you did). [Note to self: I should leave this capability off by default.]

If you like, you can have separate page templates for separate projects in a single wiki. Details to follow.

All the page templates on a site share the same password. If you need to use two or more passwords, run two or more copies of Bolzano with different port numbers.

You will be able to display a page with an arbitrary template: http://localhost:8080/AdministratorDocumentation?template=ReadMe, <http://localhost:8080/AdministratorDocumentation?template=Wombat> etc. This is useful for saving pages in a format suitable for (e.g.) printing or saving as static HTML.

Apparently Read-Only Pages

This feature depends on templates, which I haven't implemented yet. Watch this space.

Secret Markup

A page which starts with

redirect: [where to redirect to]

will be automatically redirected. The redirection can be to a full URL or to a page name on this wiki.

I suggest you use this feature sparingly, because it's tricky for users to edit a page once it's been made to redirect somewhere. If you need to edit such a page, use the URL

Jason Grossman