Bolzano Version History

See also Bolzano Version History ESR.

0.3.0 beta 2014-10-19

  • First draft of a rewrite in Literate Ruby with proper command-line options.

0.2.1 beta 2014-08-04

  • New startup process that makes multiple wikis easy … but it’s still a nasty hack. Need to work out command line arguments and probably get rid of shotgun.

  • The Site History now shows who made the last edit and when.

  • Gradually getting specifics out of the main code and into the configuration files.

0.1.5 beta August 2013

  • Switched markdown library from rdiscount to redcarpet. This fixes a bug or two.

  • Default template changed massively, including fonts and placement of the sidebar. Page titles are now wider.

  • The site history now gets rid of duplicates.

  • Page names are now shown with underscores instead of spaces by default in the browser bar.

  • There’s no longer a Cancel button on an edit page.

  • The sidebar buttons on an edit page are functional again.

0.1.4 beta July 2013

  • Many minor bugs fixed.

0.1.3 beta January 2012

  • Links can now be in [[double square brackets]] as an alterantive to Double Round Brackets. This is mainly for compatibility with Notational Velocity, and it also gives compatibility with Wikipedia.

  • Changed the syntax for coloured text from e.g. {[red text]} to {[red text]} for compatibility with the new link syntax.

0.1.2 beta February 2011

  • Live!

  • Fixed previous inability to edit coloured text.

0.1.1 beta February 2011

  • First version. Editing works. Lots of bugs remain.