Bolzano Known Bugs

See also Bolzano and Bolzano Version History.

Major missing features

  • Command line starting, including specifying a config file (and maybe whether to use shotgun).

  • Page subscriptions. Syntax

  • Do something about edit clashes or page history - possibly don’t need both.

  • Implement Bolzano Template Format, for fun and for code hygiene.

  • Consider implementing password-protected pages … called “semiprivate” because they’ll be transmitted in plain text etc. Syntax for this? Maybe just “password:” at the top of the page.

Major bugs

  • Page names with apostrophes Still Don’t Work — dang it, I thought I’d fixed that. Apparently not.

Minor bugs

  • My syntax for page redirection is nuts. Think of something better.

  • Change line breaks in verbatim text —- see Verbatim.

  • Code cleanup. Also, start using git properly. (Does that count as a bug? I think it should.)

  • I need a new syntax for coloured text, because the one I’m using conflicts with the redcarpet library. Or does it? Check and think.

  • Are there still problems with non-ASCII characters in page names? Yes, at least when editing them. Tests: •••• Jason’s Apostrophe This — Mrule — that

  • There seem to still sometimes be problems with punctuation after a link. I think it’s only when there’s DOUBLE punctuation, such as a full stop followed by a close bracket. Test: (

  • “In your help pages you say that you can use - + or + for unnumbered lists but I have found out it makes a difference which one - the indenting goes differently”

  • TeX-style double quotes don’t work any more.

  • if a page name is ALL caps then it shouldn’t be treated as CamelCase

  • [ should be a backslash escape showing as [, and sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn’t … I think … switching to redcarpet may have fixed this already.

  • There’s some problem with the code for comments. The immediately preceding character gets deleted. -<-

  • I might want to add some optional features from redcarpet

  • Bolzano should give a polite error message if someone tries to log in using a browser which doesn’t save cookies.

  • Bit more space around hr elements.

Minor missing features

  • Site search - can use fgrep!