Alpaca Scrapbook

Alpacas begin life as crias and grow into tuis (adolescents), hembras (adult females) and machos (adult males) (<<>> — link now broken)

alpaca skin problems:

Alpaca Treats

Alpaca Major Health Jobs

Alpaca Qand A

Casper (with an e) Yolanda / Jackson 1/12/06

Xeny Mistletoe / Midnight 3/11/06

Otto / Valiant / Popcorn 7/12/06 Vicki / ?

Xeny’s father has also had Liberator, whose mother is the famous Llapaca.

other possible names: Fabian Paco Spike Herbie Carlos Xeny Calvin Spike Horton Nelson Otto Pelham Hector George (Moore) Manny Willard Yablo G’nter Herbie Yngwie N-HOP Leo Carlos Charles Nijinsky

Timing of weaning: - “Never, Never, Never, wean an alpaca by putting it on a Trailer and training it away from its dam.” (<<>> Seminar Htm) -

Marty Mc Gee Bennett on weaning:

From — - If a cria is eating camelid pellets, that’s a good sign that it can be weaned. - a list of poisonous plants