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This page contains a range of notes and discussion in relation to my thesis on some of the philosophical questions raised by evidence based medicine. has links to the drafts of papers that have come from these notes.

Ph D

- Project Proposal - Thesis Outline 2 (Old version: Thesis Outline&ideas) - Adam Meeting Record - Weekly Plan - Reading List - Questions and Topics — With Jason — The Mayo - Howson ControversiesInterpretation Of Confidence IntervalsTherapeutic Decisions ModelCox 2 Example v3 (9/2/06) — E B Mvs Basic SciencesE B M Philof ScienceWhy Large Simple R C T SAsymmetry Of E B MWhy Informed Consent Is ImpossibleWhat Is E B M About? — Systematic Review - Topic Notes - Additional Topic Ideas - Presentations Abstracts