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For the last few days I've been busy with wonderful but run of the mill stuff like watching Buffy, cuddling Alison, and chatting with some amazing friends


I'm considering a slight career change. I'm going to apply to be Dean of Students at Dunmore Lang College, which means that (if I get the job) I'll be responsible for pastoral care and a sort of baby academic program and a bunch of other things for 250 students in a residential community. I haven't got much more to say about this until I meet my potential boss on Tuesday. If I like him, and if I like the place when I visit, I will start squeeing. It is a pretty exciting job. Don't worry until Tuesday, but after that you might have to cross your fingers for me. (And cross your fingers for Alison that I DON'T get the job, because it will be a big upheaval for her if I do. Just kidding though. She wants me to be happy, and to earn a lot of money.)