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"I am" is a ridiculous collocation. I must fix this wiki program so that I can use "I'm" in titles. But not today: today I've got more marking to do.

I promised to blog every day for "a while", and it hasn't been a while yet.

New music I'm listening to:

Gordian Knot: very varied, so don't expect a report for a while, except that there's what sounds like a perfect Percy Jones imitation on one track.

The Promise, "Crush All Fakes": I don't like it, yet, but it's short so I'ma keep trying.

Mastodon, "Leviathan": Recommended by Sara after I mentioned liking Between The Buried And Me. I like it. I don't adore the vocals ... oh won't people please give me more progressive metal with no vocals? Like Blotted Science, and Planet X, for example. More of that. kthx.